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Wine Grape  'Iza Zaliwska'
Wine Grape  'Iza Zaliwska'

Wine Grape 'Iza Zaliwska'

Latin name: Vitis 'Iza Zaliwska'
English name: Wine Grape 'Iza Zaliwska'
DECORATION FORM: leaves, fruits
Evergreen plant: No
Density on 1 m2: 1
Annual growth: 1-2 m
Aspect: do
Frost hardiness: Zones 6 - 9

A cultivar of large, tasty, yellow dessert fruit. Of all Vitis cultivars, they’re the first to ripen in the Polish climate, as early as August.          

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Tasty, sweet, dessert fruit  - round, yellow-green; ripening at the end of VIII and in IX. Medium-sized bunches. Leaves large, decorative, dark green, in autumn turn beautiful yellow colour. Flowers unassuming, opening in June.  

HOW IT GROWS: A climber using tendrils for support. Moderate growth-strength at 2 m a year.

WHERE TO PLANT: A sunny and warm site is required. Soil should be fertile, warm, moderately moist, of neutral or slightly acidic Ph. Relatively disease resistant. Moderately hardy  (zone 6–9).

HOW TO PLANT AND MAINTAIN: Before planting immerse the plant container in water for 10-30 min.  Place the root ball in a 40 x 40 x 40 cm hole with a 10 cm layer of well-rotten manure or compost, 0.5-1 cm deeper than it was before. Fill the hole with fertile soil. The plants should be spaced at least 30 cm from other plants or from a wall. Prune moderately. To encourage high quality yield, the yearly pruning should be performed (usually in winter, around the second half of February). Frost insulation recommended for ground-grown plants..

HOW TO APPLY: Suitable for amateur cultivation, recommended for training over large garden structures such as arbours and pergolas.

ORIGIN: Raised from a seedling of unknown origin, found by prof. Zaliwski in Puławy, south-east of Poland.


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