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Frost Grape 'Tomek'
Frost Grape 'Tomek'
Frost Grape 'Tomek'
Frost Grape 'Tomek'
Frost Grape 'Tomek'
Frost Grape 'Tomek'
Frost Grape 'Tomek'

Frost Grape 'Tomek'

Latin name: Vitis riparia 'Tomek'
English name: Frost Grape 'Tomek'
DECORATION FORM: leaves, fragrant flowers
Flowers colour: greenish-yellow with fragrant
Flowering month: V-VI
Evergreen plant: No
Plants height: 10 m
Annual growth: 1-2 m
Aspect: do
Frost hardiness: Zones 3 - 9

A new Polish cultivar selected by Szczepan Marczyński. Vigorous climber with male, fragrant flowers. A good pollinator for female plants. Its light green leaves turn yellow in autumn. Climbs by means of tendrils. Undemanding, tolerant of draughts and saline soil, frost hardy. Suitable for growing over high fences, arbours or unsightly buildings. It is useful in large gardens and for covering large spaces, especially where pollination is not called for, e.g. acoustic walls or around areas where indigenous plants of value grow.


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