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Articles about vines (including Clematis)

Dutchman's pipe - Aristolochia

I can recommend Aristolochia macrophylla to all the garden lovers seeking a climber for a semi-shaded or a shaded position (synonyms: Aristolochia durior, Aristolochia sipho). Its imposing size has earned it the nickname of the "gentry bush" in some regions of Poland.

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Moonseed (Menispermum) - a little-known, valuable climber

The name, Moonseed of this semi-woody vine comes from the shape of the seed, which resembles a crescent moon. There are known two species of the genus: Common Moonsed (Menispermum canadense) and Asian moonseed (Menispermum davuricum).

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Trumpet Creeper - Campsis radicans

If you look for a robust, summer-flowering climber to plant in a sunny spot, Trumpet creeper is definitely worth your interest. Campsis radicans belongs to Bignoniaceae family. It is native to Northern America and was brought to Europe in 17th century.

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Sweet potato - a treat for the palate, a treat for the eye

For all those looking for a little known, exotic plant that combines culinary (edible bulbs) and decorative (attractive foliage) values, Dioscorea batatus (common names: Chinese yam, Cinnamon vine) may be a good choice.

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Japanese Hydrangea vine - Schizophragma hydrangeoides

Japanese Hydrangea vine (Schizophragma hydrangeoides) is a lovely ornamental creeper that climbs using aerial roots and can attain a height of over 6m and even up to 12 m in its native habitat. 

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Honeysuckle - Lonicera

The name Lonicera, commemorates Adam Lonitzer, 16th century German naturalist, the author of a well known herbal book.The genus Lonicera belongs to Caprifoliaceae family. There are known around 180 species growing in the wild on a northern hemisphere.

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Ampelopsis - Ampelopsis

The plants of the genus Ampelopsis are interesting climbers with attractive foliage and fruit. They used to be classified as Vitis but later on they were re-classified in its own genus Ampelopsis, in the grape family Vitaceae.

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Yellow-leafed hop - Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'

Hop is most often associated with beer as its fruit (commonly known as "a cone") is an indispensable ingredient for the production of this popular drink. Unfortunately it's less popular as a valuable garden climbing plant, especially its yellow-leafed variety 'Aureus'.

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Buying climbers

Before you decide to buy and plant climbing vines, you should first determine the conditions you can provide, the characteristics they should possess and what your expectations are.

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Pruning climbers

Garden lovers often ask themselves whether and how to prune climbers. I think it's worthwhile to explain what the reason behind the pruning is so that you may adjust it to our needs and obtain the best results.

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