A NEW, USEFUL FEATURE on our website - Clematis - Źródło Dobrych Pnączy

A NEW, USEFUL FEATURE on our website

To our online encyclopedia of plants we have recently added sound recordings of our cultivars’ names. To hear a name of a cultivar in an original language version, just use a search engine and select the plant’s full description.


Below the plant’s name there’s a clickable icon of a loudspeaker that enables the play-back of the sound file.

We invite you to use our encyclopedia and to share with us your remarks concerning its functioning. Please send your emails to  clematis1@clematis.com.pl

Heartfelt thanks to all who read the cultivars’ names in their original language versions: 

•             Polish and Latin names read by lector Jakub from PROSONICA STUDIO,

•             English names read by lector Karl from PROSONICA STUDIO,

•             Japanese names read by Tomoko Chikuma,

•             German names read by Maja Sokołowska,

•             Russian names read by Maria Bazhenova,

•             French names read by Anne Dejoie,

•             Estonian names read by Agnes Kivistik.