Clematis varieties bred in our nursery win awards and distinction both in Poland and worldwide.

Gold medal at Flowers'Expo 2016

On 13th and 14th September 2016 we took part in the Flowers'Expo where we received the highest recognition.




In the novelty contest our plants:

Clematis 'Copernicus'PBR

- Schizophragma hydrangeoides BURST OF LIGHT®

were awarded the gold medal.

Clematis 'Copernicus'PBR is one of the latest cultivars raised in our nursery. Its dark blue, full flowers are brightened by golden anthers reminding of stars on the night sky. Hence the name commemorating the famous Polish astronomer.

The other awarded plant, Japanese hydrangea vine BURST OF LIGHT®, is an outstanding cultivar of extravagantly variegated leaves. It’s particularly valuable as it’s one of few plans producing light leaves that brighten shaded parts of a garden.