Clematis varieties bred in our nursery win awards and distinction both in Poland and worldwide.

Silver medal at Flowers 2011

It is with pleasure that we inform you that our nursery was awarded silver medal in the Plant Novelty competition for the newest Clematis 'Beautiful Bride', 'Krakowiak' and 'Sweet Summer Love', bred by Szczepan Marczyński, at the "Flowers" 2011 in Moscow.



  Silver medal at Flowers 2011 Silver medal at Flowers 2011

Clematis 'Beautiful Bride' PBR'Beautiful Bride' with very large white flowers (up to 28 cm in diameter), which cover the plant from the very bottom. The sepals are pointed and slightly wavy at the edges. It blooms abundantly from May to July.

The blooming is repeated in the summer, yet it is not as profuse then. It grows up to 2-3 m high. Exposure to wind, full sun and heat should be avoided. This plant is frost-resistant. It can be grown on freestanding or wall-mounted supports and in large containers. This variety needs little pruning.

Clematis 'Krakowiak' PBR'Krakowiak' of Viticella Group. It has glaring pink flowers, with a red and pink stripe across the sepals. It blooms abundantly from June to September. It grows fast, up to 3 m high. It can be grown on any stand and in any ordinary garden soil.

This plant is easy to grow. It is completely frost-resistant. It can be used in urban greenery, home gardens and in large containers on balconies and terraces. This variety needs major pruning.

Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' PBR'Sweet Summer Love' of Flammula Group. Its small purple flowers (3-4.5 cm in diameter) have intense pleasant scent. It produces abundant blossom in July-August and continues to bloom until early October. It has small, dark green leaves, which remains pleasant looking until autumn. Sunny stand recommended. It grows up to 3.5 m high.

This plant can be grown on freestanding or wall-mounted supports, as well as on natural supports and in large containers, preferably against a pale background. This variety needs major pruning.