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Metal display racks

To facilitate plant exposition we have introduced galvanized metal display rack. They stabilize the plant containers, at the same time allowing to fully exhibit their attractive features.



 Size: 120 x 100 cm

The rack will hold 42 plants in C2 containers.  


The rack may be placed on:

 - a nursery bench. A bench sized 120 x 205 cm (first photo below) holds 2 racks;

 - on exhibition sets, e.g. own-made with pallets 100 x 120 cm;

 - any hard surface.

The racks are best ordered and shipped together with  batch of plants. The order forms should be filled and send to

The exhibit set  on the left is built of 3 pallets (100 x 120 cm), covered with gardening PCV foil and wrapped with a banner held together with pins or staples. A larger order is complemented with a FREE banner of CLEMATIS The Source of Good Climbers. The minimum ordered are 25 pcs. Please place your order at: