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The International Clematis Society members visit our nursery

On June 17th 2016 we had the pleasure to host in our nursery a group of Clematis enthusiasts belonging to The International Clematis Society.



The International Clematis Society (I.Cl.S.) was founded in 1984. It brings together national Clematis societies and individual members – both professional and amateur – from all over the world. Every year The Society organizes trips to regions interesting to Clematis enthusiasts. 

The chosen destination for 2016 was Germany and Poland. The trip was organized by Helga Huber (Germany), Heidrum Kläser (Germany) and Werner Stasny (Sweden). Over 40 members from Germany, Great Britain, U.S.A., Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway and Poland took part, together with The I.Cl.S. Linda Beutler President and curate of  Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection (U.S.A.), The I.Cl.S. Treasurer - Fioną Woolfenden (Great Britain) and The I.Cl.S.’s Editor - Ken Woolfenden (Great Britain). The group visited Poznań and Warsaw amongst other places. They attended Chopin concert in Łazienki Królewskie and visited the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The dynamically changing capital of Poland made a lasting impression on the visitors.

On the agenda was also a visit to the nursery CLEMATIS The Source of Good Climbers in Pruszków. The visitors were welcomed by the company owners: Szczepan Marczyński, Władysław Piotrowski, Andrzej Gruszczyński and Andrzej Rafaląt. A guided tour was given by D.Sc. Szczepan Marczyński – the nursery founder and plant breeder as well as a member and former President of The International Clematis Society. The participants could follow the plant production cycle and the sales preparation. They saw one of the largest and most interesting collection of Clematis and a showpiece garden presenting various applications of Clematis combined with other garden plants. An unusual occurrence completed the show – the sun which accompanied the tour made way to a torrential rain at lunchtime but came back unexpectedly when it was time to say goodbye. The visitors could after all take a souvenir photo in front of the nursery office.

Heartfelt thanks to all our guests for their enjoyable visit.

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