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Polish Clematis cultivars on The Polish Post stamps

The Polish Post has a longstanding tradition of creating and issuing postage stamps (the first stamp was issued on January 1, 1860). Every year, The Polish Post produce and introduce several dozens of new stamps on various topics, eg. commemorating significant figures, events or anniversaries.

We are pleased to announce that on June 25th 2019, The Polish Post issued a new series of postage stamps "Polish Climbers cultivars - Clematis"

Clematis cultivars raised by renowned Polish breeders were pictured on them:

‘Generał Sikorski’, raised by Władysław August Noll

‘Kardynał Wyszyński’, raised by brother Stefan Franczak SJ

‘Maria Skłodowska Curie’ and ‘Solidarność’, raised by Szczepan Marczyński

The stamps were accompanied by commemorative envelopes in two patterns: with cultivars ‘Viva Polonia’ or ‘Krakowiak’ pictured on them. Both cultivars were raised in our nursery by Szczepan Marczyński. On the first day of issue, the envelopes were franked with a specially designed stamp representing Clematis flowers.

The stamps were printed using an offset technique on fluorescent paper, in the 31.25 x 51 mm format and the circulation of 120 thousand copies. The block contains 4 stamps.

The author of the graphic design is Agnieszka Sancewicz.