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Nursery appearance

Nursery appearance

Container nursery CLEMATIS Źródło Dobrych Pnączy (The Source of Good Climbers) was founded in 1988 in Jawczyce near Warsaw. In 1996 the entire operation was moved to Pruszkow, where it is presently situated. The nursery is located on an area of 10 ha, of which 7,5 ha are under container cultivation. Our modern plastic houses and amply equipped nursery produces plants of the highest quality. We constantly expand our assortment of new species and varieties. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with dozens of other nurseries around the world. We make sure that our clients receive the fullest possible information regarding the plants, which we produce.

Our main specialization is production of Clematis. In our collection we have over 1000 species and cultivars of Clematis but for commercial sales we produce over 290 Clematis specimens - large and small flowered Clematis and also non-climbing ones in the wide range of colors and forms.

We also have additional speciality - climbing plants that can grow in the garden under Polish climatic conditions - we produce over 80 of these species and cultivars as well.

Our nursery conducts wholesale business only, supplying other nurseries, wholesalers, garden centers and stores. We do not sell any of our products to private individuals either at the Nursery or by mail. If you need any more information please contact us.