Bare root liners - Clematis - Źródło Dobrych Pnączy

Bare root liners

Bare root liners

We offer

Clematis bare root liners in 2 different sizes

  • QE - Clematis rooted cuttings with 5 or more strong roots over 10 cm long and with at least one healthy bud (pic. 1);
  • QI - Clematis rooted cuttings with 3-4 strong roots over 10 cm long and with at least one healthy bud (pic. 1).
pic. 1   QI and QE bare root liners

pic. 2 Preparing an order, bundling up the bare root liners
pic. 3 Packing of  bare root liners in a cardboard box in peat


How we pack?

Minimum order quantities are 4000 cuttings, at least 250 pcs. from each variety, in one shipment. We carefully pack them in cardboard boxes in peat (pic. 3 and 5) or perlite (pic. 8 and 9) depending on the country which we ship to.

pic. 4  Already prepared bundles of bare root liners
pic. 5  Cardboard box with packed bare root liners in peat
pic. 6  Cardboard boxes before shipping



The highest quality is our top priority on every step of the preparation process of your order.

To our clients in USA and Canada we ship precisely cleaned and washed bare root liners (pic. 7). After the cleaning process, bare root liners are packed in cardboard boxes (pic. 9) in special perlite, which has RHP certificate (pic. 12). 

pic. 7  Part of the cleaning process is carefully removing
all pieces of  growing media
pic. 8  Washed bare root liners are bundled up, wraped and
ready to be packed  
pic. 9  Cardboard box with packed bare root liners in perlite



When we deliver?

Orders could be delivered in February - March by Air Cargo to the closest international airport.

Our experience

We have long-term experience in shipment and delivery of Clematis bare root liners to 6 continents all over the world.  

The highest quality guaranteed. We do compile the whole set of formal documents such as shipping documents, phytosanitary certificate etc. 

pic. 10 We ensure the best growing conditions for Clematis 
cuttings, so that they could produce strong and healthy
root system 
pic. 11  A specimen of Phytosanitary certificate
pic. 12 The best quality is our priority
on every step of the preparation of your order
e.g. we use only perlite with RHP Certificate 



The price ex work for Clematis liners depends on the size and number of plants in one shipment.

For more information please contact us.

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