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Plants in containers

Plants in containers

We offer Clematis and other garden climbers and shrubs:

  • young plants in pots P9
  • ready-for-sale plants in colorful containers C2

Plants in C2 have 2 or more shoots over 60 cm long on 90 cm bamboo cane.

Some plants could be ready for sale in August but most of them we can offer for September and October delivery. They could be packed into wooden boxes 40x60x24 cm or into pallet boxes and taken from our nursery by customer lorry. The lowest accepted order is 1000 plants in C2 or 4000 plants in P9.

If you need more information please contact us:

Clematis young plants in pots P9

Clematis young plants in pots P9 in wooden pallet box

Clematis in C2 containers, ready-for-sale plants with labels in wooden boxes 40x60x24 cm

Blooming Clematis in C2 containers- view on nursery plots

Actinidia in C2 containers- view on nursery plots

Climbers in C2 containers

Shrubs in C2 containers

Loading - plants in pallet boxes

Our plants in C2 containers ready for sale

New Introductions

New Introductions

Every year we introduce a number of new plants to our offer.




Clematis Early-flowered group

Clematis Late-flowered group

Clematis Atragene group 


Other novelties 


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Novelties 2017

New varieties of clematis bred in our nursery by Szczepan Marczyński

Other interesting varieties:


Other climbing plants:

Shrubs with edible fruit:

Fruiting grapevines:


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